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Wills & Probate

Attorney Stephen H. Ring will work directly with you to craft a concise yet comprehensive estate plan that protects your assets and saves headaches for your loved ones after your death. The basic Will Package includes your Last Will & Testament, two Powers of Attorney, and a Living Will.

He also provides counsel to Executors (Personal Representatives) in the administration of probate. A compassionate and kindhearted lawyer, Mr. Ring understands the nature of the estate planning and estate administration processes, and guides his clients with through the red tape to the results they seek.


Without a will, your family may face needless confusion, anxiety, and expense upon your death. Regardless of the size of your estate, a well-drawn Last Will and Testament (“Will”), tailored to your needs, will save headaches.  You may be hesitant to confront some of the issues related to writing a will and living will. However, you will find that having these documents signed and witnessed can provide security and peace of mind. You will rest easy in knowing that your assets will be protected for your heirs and/or beneficiaries, according to your wishes.

The Will names the person who will manage your assets upon your death (“Executor” or “Personal Representative”), and names those who will receive the remainder of your estate after debts and obligations are paid (“beneficiaries” or “heirs”). The Executor will organize your affairs and oversee the administration of your estate.

In Addition to Your Will,
Mr. Ring prepares 3 more documents.

The Wills Package


Advance Directive, also known as a “Living Will”

This document directs the withholding of certain life-sustaining measures in the event you enter a persistent vegetative state, and there is little likelihood of a recovery.


General Power of Attorney

This document appoints a trusted person to act in your place on financial matters when you are unable to act for yourself.


Health Care Power of Attorney

This document appoints a trusted person to act as your decision maker on medical and health care issues when you are unable to do so.


Wills Filed, and Powers of Attorney Delivered

The originals of your Wills are filed with the Register of Wills in your county of residence. Copies of the Wills, and the originals of the three Powers of Attorney, are given to the client for keeping in a safe and accessible place.



Trusts and Other Estate Planning Documents

We may recommend Trusts and other estate planning documents based on your specific needs. For example, a Trust may be established to provide for your minor children, or to protect certain assets from probate.

Estate Administration

What is Probate?

In the process of Probate, the Executor of the Estate is required to file certain papers with the Register of Wills for the county in which you resided at the time of your death, and to notify all interested persons (generally, heirs and creditors) of these filings.  In this way a record is created, to be reviewed by the Register of Wills and by any interested heir or creditor, to ensure that your obligations are met and your assets are divided in accordance with your wishes and with applicable law.

Mr. Ring offers comprehensive estate administration services, including counsel for any Estate Executor or Personal Representative, and advice in probate matters.