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Class Actions

When the actions of a company or organization harm a large number of people, or when the rights of many people are violated in one single action or with one single product, many claims can be decided in a single case. This is known as a class action lawsuit. These lawsuits, when successful, allow all class members to receive compensation without having to file separate lawsuits. This mechanism, when properly applied, can be an efficient way to obtain justice for a large number of individuals.

Consumer Law

Too many consumers suffer loss as a result of deceptive or otherwise unlawful business practices. A large, well-financed opponent can often overpower an individual consumer, so many consumers give up and abandon their potential claims. In order to level the playing field, states have enacted consumer protection statutes that can offer consumers a reasonable mechanism to assert their rights. Under these statutes, the consumer may be entitled not only to recover damages, but also the costs of the proceedings including attorney’s fees. This can make the pursuit of claims more feasible.

Wills & Probate

Attorney Stephen H. Ring works directly with you, as a client, to prepare essential documents for the control of your assets in the event you are unable to do so during your lifetime, and for the disposition of your assets after your death. The basic Will Package includes your Last Will & Testament, two Powers of Attorney, and a Living Will. Mr Ring provides estate administration services, acting as counsel for the executor or personal representative of the estate. He is also experienced in handling estate litigation.

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